Making his unique mark with his unique songs, make way for artist ForexGLO

The young musical artist has shown his A-game through each of his tracks.

Not all those who wander are lost is a phrase that has stood right for many individuals in this world and has even defined their journeys in ways more than one. Sometimes, people work around different industries and fields, only later to realize their true calling and passion in life. These individuals make sure to learn at every point in their career and implement those learnings to better their career graph and become a more refined talent in whatever they choose to do. Keyvon Griffin, aka ForexGLO, serves to be one fine example of a young musical talent who did the same and now has been making his unique mark with his unique songs as hip-hop and rap artist from the US.


Who really is ForexGLO, you wonder? Well, this young boy belonged to humble family background and was born on 28th March 2000 in Chicago, Illinois, the US. From the very beginning, music was something he felt a close inclination towards; however, to build a robust career for himself, he first wandered in the field of finance and became a Forex trader under the self-owned companies FGInvestments & ForexGLO trademarks. Even after making massive profits in the same, he still thought something was amiss and soon realized that music was his true love. He adopted his name ForexGLO in the music scene and today is rapidly rising high in the music realm.

Be it his song Club, Club. 3, Smokers. 1, or his recent one Smoove, and the many other tracks he has performed, all these ooze newness in music and also radiate the brilliance of ForexGLO as a passionate musical artist of the US. His songs have a certain power and also the capability to make people dance to his tunes. ForexGLO has come a long way from being a Forex trader to becoming a growing musical artist by releasing his music under the United Record Label.

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