Meet Alok Pandey Gopal, an passionate and talented singer and music professional.

Taking ahead the legacy of Folk Music in India is Alok Pandey Gopal whose recent compositions have mesmerized one and all.

Music industry is growing tremendously, but somehow it seems that our folk music is lacking behind. Folk music is an essential part of music which represents our Indian culture. But still there are several gems who are working hard to bring back the aura of folk music with their mesmerizing music craft. Meet one such young talent who has enthralled the industry with his singing talent and pro music craft – Alok Pandey Gopal. Music is the only passion of this young artist. In childhood he gained his music knowledge from his parents. Also gained the classical singing education from his teacher and his father. Further he gained the education of folk music.

Alok Pandey Gopal
Alok Pandey Gopal

Alok was now sure to pursue his career as a singer and composer. He is deeply connected with the music craft and want to explore his skills and singing abilities in the music realm. Alok Pandey learnt the intricacies of music like Banarasi is known for its Thumri singing tone and sweetness, glimpse of the Purvi, Nirgun, Kajri, Chaiti, Holi, etc, Apart from Banarasi mode, temperament and tones get highlighted in Alok Pandey Gopal’s singing. His charm, presentation, strong voice, perfect catch of beat-rhythm and novelty in his voice have been the assets of this prominent star.

He is popularly known for music personality singing in Hindi and Bhojpuri songs and anthems apart from semi-classical and folk singing. He is the one who has presented folk music internationally. He has brought back the magic of folk music with his soulful voice that touches the soul of listeners and music composition that has poured happiness in the life of millions of listeners. The multi-talented young artist has won the competition, “Maati Ke Laal” conducted by the Indian Government, Doordarshan, Kisan Channel, twenty-eight states and folk stars, in which Alok hold the first price and he became the first folk star of India. He has also sung massive songs which has gain stupendous success which includes – Raja Babu, Jakhmi Dil, Kripa Karo He Maa, Piya

Nirmohiya, E Raja Suni and many more songs and albums.
Alok is also popular on social domain for his music craft and singing talent. Stay tune with the promising artist!

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