Meet Ramees TC – An Entrepreneur, Fitness Model & Passionate Sports Enthusiast

Ramees TC Owner & Partner in Shadow fitness Centre and KURRA Football Academy & turf.

Undoubtedly, everyone aspires to be a leader someday. Many have garnered knowledge, skills, and other vital resources to help them on their leadership journey. In a competitive business world, becoming a leader is even more daunting because you need more than an excellent business idea to make it. You need to stand out and be extraordinary in your leadership skills.

Unfortunately, many aspiring entrepreneurs lack these traits. Even worse, some established executives struggle to lead their organizations because they apply the wrong leadership method or fail to use one when needed. Leadership skill is an essential factor differentiating a good leader from a great one.

Not all those who wander are lost is a specific phrase that has stood true for many people in the world. People who do this not only aim to explore different things in life but, most importantly, also to gain massive experiences in order to become more learned professionals and individuals. Eventually, they ace the game of everything and become a versatile professional for the world to know. Who better than Ramees Abdul Kareem TC to serve as an example here?

Ramees Abdul Kareem TC is an entrepreneur based in Qatar. He is from Vatakara Calicut, Kerala. As a partner in Shadow Fitness Center, he is in charge of marketing & branding for Clikon. He is the partner of Kurra football academy & turf.

According to him, “passion and resilience can make entrepreneurs unstoppable in their quest to reach the pinnacle of success in their chosen niches and industries.’ There have been a lot of things that have helped Ramees Abdul Kareem TC stay apart from the rest in the entrepreneurial world

Hearing more about how a few professionals and entrepreneurs have been paving their own path to success has spread waves of inspiration to many other budding talents of the world vying to make their mark as business owners, especially in the online world. The digital space, out of the many industries that have been on a constant rise, is one that has perhaps shown maximum growth potential.

It has helped people build businesses and thrive in the same, thanks to the current trend of moving everything digital. Especially the Sports space has seen the rise of numerous brands and businesses and the emergence of passionate digital entrepreneurs. Among them, one name that has been working on its way up to the top lately is Ramees Abdul Kareem TC, a 30-year-old who has been creating his unique niche in the entrepreneur world and as a mentor.

It is beyond words to describe Ramees TC’s love for football & football players

The game of football draws a huge audience, whether it is telecasted or played live. The game has a tremendous fan following the world over and that’s quite evident as it is one of the most popular sports history has ever seen. It is one of the few games which is played between countries professionally, as well as in the neighbourhood.

He was always an ardent football fan, right from the time he remembers. One of the main hobbies are meeting international football players and collecting their autographs which includes Some Big Football legendsNames Like – Xavi Hernández – Spain – Barcelona coach,Neymer jr – Brazil – PSG, James Rodriguez – Columbia – Al rayyan club , Marcelo Vieira – Brazil – Real Madrid , Rafinha (rafalcantara)- Brazil – al Arabi club Keylor NavasCostarica – PSG goal keeper, Luka Modric – Croatia – Real Madrid , Kaka – Brazil – former player

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