How 29-year-old Aman Rathod got a tight grip over his sports career is interesting to know

He has shone bright by winning the Mr. Vadodara title and Nation’s Icon Award, and much more.

Aman Rathod is a name to reckon with in the world of sports, especially bodybuilding and cricket too. He has built himself a career which has taken him places as he is the brand ambassador for Valiant Sports for Vadodara, which is a huge achievement for a young man who has risen from nothing to gain this commendable position. His bodybuilding career is also on a high as he has been competing and winning many competitions, the most talked about being the Mr. Vadodara competition which gained him wide recognition.

The kind of success Aman has garnered is owing to his years of hard work and perseverance, which came along with a host of challenges and setbacks. But these things didn’t deter him from eyeing the top position which he always desired and that kept him going despite all the roadblocks that came along his way. He recalls how during his initial days to support his dreams he had to work in an optical showroom along with doing other odd jobs to fund his sports dreams. “The sport of bodybuilding calls for a strict diet regime, which is certainly not light on the pockets. To succeed and have an edge over others, you need to give your best, and diet and supplementation cost a bomb,” informs Aman.

Aman Rathod
Aman Rathod

He’s glad that his years of hard work finally paid off when he started winning competitions, which further boosted his confidence to do better. “Winning the Mr. Vadodara title was a big achievement for me as this was something I had always dreamt of winning and finally this dream of mine materialized finally,” says the young sportsman. From being the brand ambassador of Valiant Sports to winning the Mr. Vadodara title to achieving the Nation’s Icon Award, Aman has come a long way and is trying hard to accomplish more milestones in his career.

To know more about Aman, follow him on Instagram: @amanrathodreal.

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