Rohit Jangid, the growing Wushu Champion from India, advises budding Wushu talents to stay focused on their goals above everything else

This, he says, will help them create a success path of their choice and attain the excellence they seek and need to continue growing as a Wushu player.

There are a few individuals who realize their dreams from a very young age and start preparing for the same, while some others believe in going with the flow, working across different fields, and finally, realizing what their hearts seek and follow the path to become professionals in those fields. In any case, people need to understand the importance of consistency in one’s journey. It is this consistency that can totally change fates and lead people to where they truly deserve or need to be in their journeys, says Rohit Jangid, one such incredible Wushu player and Champion from India.

Rohit Jangid
Rohit Jangid

He has, so far in his career, noticed many new developments that have been in the right direction to take the sporting niche to the highest levels of growth and success, but with that, he also has noticed how youngsters easily give up or lack enough self-belief to continue walking their paths in order to become the best sporting talents out there. Rohit Jangid speaking about his journey, says that he always wished to make his mark as an Indian sporting talent on a global stage to bring India more respect and glory, which it truly deserves. This attitude and approach helped him stay consistent on his journey, and now he can’t emphasize enough how essential it is for other aspiring sporting talents to stay consistent on their respective journeys.

Speaking from his varied experiences in life, Wushu player Rohit Jangid says that he could become a champion by earning Bronze medals at the 12th Wushu International Championship Hong Kong, the 9th World International Championships Georgia, and the International Wushu Cup Nepal because he remained true to his craft as a Wushu player, trained from the best academy in Phuket, Thailand, kept learning new techniques and approaches in Wushu for tackling the moves of the opponents and most importantly focused on being consistent in his efforts.

Consistency is indeed the key, Rohit Jangid ( highlights.

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