Ahir Devesh- a gem that pandemic produced

While millions lost their paths and sense of direction during the chaotic pandemic, some paved their way and touched heights. There were many like Ahir Devesh, an eighteen year old boy, who published his book in pandemic and became famous. 

Ahir Devesh
Ahir Devesh

This young author started off as a poet and small story writer when he was just sixteen. Something that amazes everyone about him is that he is also an entrepreneur. He owns an advertisement company. 

His passion and determination made him write a book that has become instantly famous. His book “The lockdown- the story of a family”, has become extremely popular. 

Ahir belongs to a middle class family, and his father’s name is Prem Yadav and his mother is Punita Devi. His original name is Devesh Yadav, and he believes that passion and hard work can break boundaries. He is a btech student, who has been working hard to rech such heights. 

Ahir Devesh is a tech enthusiast, and he was also a youtuber. At such a young age, he has accomplished things adults fail to achieve. 

As a young entrepreneur Ahir Devesh wanted to try something different with his company, so he aced every project that was given to him.  His company is one stop solution for every digital problem. His company provides digital solutions that includes marketing, social media marketing, PR, image building and much more. 

He is an inspiration for young people who want to succeed in their life. Ahir has successfully done so many things, he is an entrepreneur, a successful youtuber and a writer. 

His first book has become a success and he has already written the second book. His second book is name ‘The untold story of Bhopal’, this book is based on incidents that happened in 1984 in Bhopal. 

His books are available on Kindle, Amazon books and many other platforms. Writing has become his go to activity, he loves his new hobby and is striving to consistently become a great writer. 

Pandemic has destroyed lives but it also produced gems like Ahir devesh. A boy from a small town ends up becoming big. That is some big inspiration for all those budding kids out there. Ahir Devesh is not just a writer, he is a youtuber and also an entrepreneur. He is capable of so much at a young age. His achievements prove that with determination and hard work, everyone can reach heights.

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