Taking over the world of entertainment, sports and entrepreneurship is Sanjay Bector

This India-born talent explains different ways to market production companies.

It is always very surreal to know and learn about all those individuals who have been trying to offer the ‘different’ to people and emerge as one of a kind talent in their chosen industry. All these people rein-still hope and positivity in others through the success stories they create for themselves and make people believe in their dreams. We came across one such youngster, who has proved that with true passion and dedication, one can become the success story one desires, just like he became in the vast entrepreneurial world, excelling at niches of film production, entertainment, education and sports; he is Sanjay, an India-born talent from Delhi, who later got shifted to Atlanta, Georgia, US. Cricket and Bollywood was something he always loved and he went on to create his own production company, providing the best production services outside of India.

Sanjay Bector
Sanjay Bector

Today, Sanjay runs one of the most rapidly growing production companies and are also associated with the famous Excel Entertainment and others. He is a young entrepreneur who started from scratch for his love for Bollywood and Cricket and also has invested in various leagues, thanks to his production background, which has allowed him to start the production of the game for broadcasters.

Below, he shares a few marketing ways that can help other film production entrepreneurs.

* Use of SEO: Search Engine Optimisation stands as a crucial thing for production company websites. Sanjay says no matter how rich the content one creates, they would only succeed if people discover them. Optimising SEO, the production company’s website must be built in such a way that the content gets discovered easily by both people and search engines.
* Optimising social media: This is the modern-day world that requires modern-day marketing solutions for growing any business. Sanjay points out that production houses must utilise and optimise the resources of social media platforms to share their visions with the audiences and build their strong company character in the digital space. They must also create quality social media accounts that can link back to their production company content.
* Networking: Someone rightly said that increasing the network increases the Net worth. Various events under the production company can help entrepreneurs land with real-world contacts. Meeting more industry people can create more relations, resulting in the give and take off ideas and ultimately stronger presence in the film markets, says Sunny.

Sanjay has also invested in an entertainment firm named ‘Dark knight Events’, where they did the biggest musical event in Dubai with the music maestro Mithoon. Also, they are in the process to lock dates for the US for taking the concert with Mithoon on the global stage.

Looking at the success, this young gentleman has created as an entrepreneur is only inspiring more and more people across the world.

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