Raju Danveer- a great political person,an activist and a social motivation

Raju Danveer an Indian political success of India is an activist. Jap youth has president Raju Danvir Singh distribute food for covid affected parents near NMCH in Patna.
The state’s top concerns are employment, education, and healthcare says Raju Danveer( Raju Kumar) A social and political activist by the name of Raju Danveer (Raju Kumar), is renowned for his good deeds and compassion for the less fortunate.

Raju Danveer
Raju Danveer

His advice to young people is to believe in themselves, achieve something for themselves, and not rely exclusively on the government in order to succeed.

He asserts that the three main concerns facing the state are jobs, education, and health. And he really wants to take action to make it better. He has plans for the future, including the establishment of industries, the creation of jobs for the populace, and every effort to strengthen the state’s infrastructure in the areas of health and education. He looks up to Pappu Yadav (President of Jan Adhikar Party, Loktantrik) The active involvement of his party, the JAP, in every issue sets them apart from the opposition. They are the first to intervene and guarantee justice whenever anything bad happens to anyone.His primary motivation for pursuing politics is to create a network of energetic, young individuals and assist them in many ways. His career would be in social work and business if not for politics.

He possess an unquenchable passion for successfully implementing his vision regardless of the disapproval of those individuals who fail to see the bigger picture. He has given so many individuals financial assistance during the past 12 years of his profession. He regularly engages in charitable work and has provided more than 1000 students with financial aid for their schooling.

His vision is clear that he wants to work for the welfare of mankind. He loves to perform his duties with righteousness, selflessness and restlessness.

Additionally, he regularly performs charity for orphans, primarily in relation to their education, girl marriage, people Dwelling by the Roadside, and senior citizens.
Every winter, he distributes free blankets to residents of the roadside neighbourhoods at nightshelter.Additionally, he offers (food & shelter) by hosting Dharamshala to kanvarriyas every year in devghar Jharkhand.

In Bihar, he has assembled a team of over 100,000 above-average young and enthusiastic individuals. who are supporting him and his cause directly and indirectly.
COVID-19 PANDEMIC is included as a WORKERDAY & NIGHT Challenge in WAR Footing Note. He distributed about 50 racks (15,000-20,000 daily for 3 months) of food packs to Pvt. hospital. His political career was boosted when he got into Jan adhikar party as a state vice president of youth parishad.

Masks, food, disinfectants and medicines were regularly distributed to the poor. His efforts are widely published in printed and electronic media and are highly regarded by a variety of high quality personalities.
His selfless work has gifted him prestigious awards which makes him a great leader.
Some of his awards include,Global India National Excellence Award 2022 – Delhi
Zee Bihar Jharkhand – for eminent work Related to child education.
Bihar Tak – for Social Work during flood in North Bihar.
Sach Tak – for Helping COVID-19 Patients & their relatives.
Dainik Jagran – for Good work at challenging time like COVID-19.
Different NGO – For all type Social Work etc.
An effective leader like Raju danveer ( Raju Kumar) knows how to show others what is required, rather than simply telling them. The list is never-ending which makes him a dynamic leader.

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