Pawan Singh Dhakad Founder and Owner of DFT Crossfit Sports Gym Helps People shape their bodies 

Pawan Singh Dhakad
Pawan Singh Dhakad

In the current tough times of COVID 19, the only soul who is secured and happy is the one who is fit and healthy. People like Pawan Singh Dhakad from Gwalior is one such soul who has been encouraging people to take care of their health by helping with his high-end sports gym. Being the owner and founder of the gym called DFT Crossfit Sports Gym in Gwalior, he has been the part of several such ventures and campaigns that drives people towards a health and a safe lifestyle.

Pawan Singh Dhakad has been inclined towards fitness and remaining healthy since his early days. Hence he made sure to get engaged in such activities to keep his body in the right shape. In his early adulthood, he was quick to embark upon his venture called DFT Crossfit Sports Gym wherein he deals with a wide range of things including functional Training Facility, Strength, conditioning, Olympic lifting, calisthenics and lot many other things that are catered with loads of fun.

He remains an active person on social media and keeps on sharing his pictures and videos on social networking sites like Instagram. This has helped him gain a good amount of fans and followers close to him. This has multiplied the fans and the kind of people they have been waiting for their guidance. Pawan has emerged as an example for many and would continue to help, mentor and guide many young souls to become a sportsperson, fit and healthy. He is moving swiftly in his field emerging as an example for many.

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