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Nagpur records the Hottest Day with 46.7 Degrees 

Nagpur Temperature
Nagpur Temperature

It was 46.5 on Saturday when the mercury went the highest in the city making everyone worried about the tough times in Nagpur. Similar was the story the next day as well when the city recorded the highest and most heated day this Summer Season. The mercury has reached 46.7 degrees celsius on Sunday making it the hottest day this season in Nagpur. The minimum temp was also seen on the higher side reaching to 28.2.

On Saturday, Nagpur was seen reaching 46.5 degrees Celsius making it to be the second hottest day for the city. The Indian Meteorological Department has already issued a warning against having the heat waves in the city. The warnings have been issued by the said department. The nautapa has commenced from today and it is likely to have similar hotter days in the city.

The coming nine days would remain the hottest during the nine days. With mercury already on the higher side, before the Nautapa in the city, this time it is going to have tough days ahead. It seems that the people in the city will have a tough time this season when it comes to facing too much heat this summer. With lockdown still going on, it is likely to make things worse. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us, while if you have anything to share do let us know more on it by commenting below.

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