“Nimisha Bansal” An Author Who is Changing The Way People Look At the English Language

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”, said Roger Bacon. Although a lot of people are aware of the fact that being bilingual makes you smarter, open-minded, more creative, and most of all increases brain power, yet they are skeptical of the difficulties of learning a new language. In India, English is one such language that is highly valuable and yet unattainable by a lot.

Heedful of this view is Nimisha Bansal of New Delhi. An acknowledged Educator as well as an appreciated Author, Nimisha has committed her life to people who are eager to learn English most reliably. Her audience comprises not only Indians but people from around the globe. With her remarkable knowledge and unique skills of teaching, she has successfully delivered 3 bestselling books namely, 120 Rules Of Grammar, Vocab Prodigy, and The Perfection Book which have received great praise and love. The uncommon and beneficial content of these books has made learning vocab and grammar easy to learn interestingly and effectively and so her students like to address her as ‘Vocab Guru’.

Being well aware of the importance of education, Nimisha has not limited her expertise to books but also believes in giving free education to everyone. She embarked on her journey of providing free classes on Youtube 3 years back and with the wheeling of time she has built an astounding community of 184k plus members. Equally, like her books, the techniques in online sessions and webinars are also exceptional and distinctive. Although there are several English educators on the internet, Nimisha has proven to be one of the best educators owing to her unmatched style of teaching, unique concepts, and tricks. Her motto of making English an easy language for everyone has found materiality with an average of 10,000+ students achieving success in various government and entrance exams.

She is a promising female educator who has coached lakhs of students countrywide and is continuing to contribute her best to the field of education. A passionate and motivating teacher like her can bring out the best attributes of a student and can change the future of the country.

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