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NMC To COllect only Sorted Garbage from Sunday

Come Sunday and we see the civic body turning stringent on the kind of garbage they would be collecting from the local residents of Nagpur. As they decided earlier only to collect the garbage in two ways separating the dry and moist trash in their vans, people continue to give the same amount of trash mixing them together as they dispose the same to the garbage van coming to their places.
However, NMC has now planned to execute the same in a stringent way. As per the civic body’s plan they now want to start a project to produce compost by mixed garbage and that too for 15 long years. The body has taken a couple of other decisions as well, which include offering services with their fixed amount. They are going to pay 1000 Rs per truck for the collection of construction and demolition waste.
Similarly they would give away 250 Rs for clearing the sewage choke along with 2500 per day for mobile toilet and so on along with 1000 for social events and for 2500 for the outside areas. In case if the garbage is not disposed as per the norms of NMC, the garbage vehicles are not likely to collect the same. The NMC plans to procure more than 4000 wheel mounted dustbins by allocating 87 lakhs with fresh tenders. Also it would obtain 500 fresh dustbins at a cost of 98 lakhs.

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