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NMC Warns for Stricter Lockdown in the City if violation continues

Tukaram Mundhe

The NMC chief Mr. Tukaram Mundhe seems to have come heavily on the violations against the guidelines set in the unlock 1.0 time frame. He hinted at a curfew-like situation in the city. He said the citizens are still taking things lightly and that it will add up to more cases. As the cases for the virus are on a steady rise, he along with the other NMC officials feel that putting a strict lockdown can only work. He further said that the people of Nagpur are not following the norms under the ‘Mission Begin Again’ phase and that he is going to take the decision soon. 

He further added saying that it is important to break the chain. He was seen highlighting the unease to be witnessed during the strict lockdown to the city but he is compelled to take such a decision if the situation will not improve. As per Mundhe, the city is going to have a 14-days straight lockdown as the pandemic is swirling out of control. While talking to the media, he said the violations in the entire city seems to be bad. He pointed out the market areas in particular. 

He said people are not even following the odd/even norm as it was floated for the safety measurement in the city. However, the traders are not seen adhering to it. Also, people are not following the social distancing norm and they are not even wearing the masks. This has added the number of cases in the city. Recently Mr. Mundhe and the city Mayor Mr. Joshi were seen visiting the market areas to check the situation in Nagpur. They are not happy with the conditions and feel that only Curfew can control the situation.

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