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State Governor in City, but his Return is affected with COVID 19

Its seems that the COVID 19 is affecting everyone whether it is a celebrity or a common man. As per the recent reports, the state Governor Mr. Bhagat Singh Koshyari on Wednesday has visited Nagpur. He is here in the city to attend a few meetings at Raj Bhavan in the city and other things. He was supposed to return by the next week, but as per the latest reports of Time of India, his return plan is getting affected with the menace called COVID 19. 

Hence the return plans are yet to be announced by the concerned department taking care of his visit to the City. All thanks to the number of increasing cases in the city, Mr. Bhagat Singh Koshyari has to extend his visit to the city for long as the city is expected to witness a complete lockdown in a day or two. While his plan to visit to Nagpur was made only when the lockdown was relaxed the market was made open to some extent. But with the conditions turning bad in the city, he has to extend his visit now in Nagpur. 

As two cases in Raj Bhavan were reports this month, the situation at this place has become a matter of concern. The civic body seems to be active in making things under teh control in the various parts of the city and back in Mumbai as wlel. As per reports, he is going to stay in Raj Bhavan for few days with his staff. While on the other side, the Governor has issued a statement to the media saying that he is fine in his self-isolation in the city. Stay tuned to know more about him and others only with us.

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