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Potholes continue to Injure Nagpurians

Nagpur Potholes

Just a few days before a 39-year-old man met some injuries while he was moving in his locality of Friends Colony in Nagpur due to the growing number of potholes in the city, we now hear others too are getting affected by the same a lot. Now, we hear a young student of an engineering college was injured as he fell over the road from his bike near the busy area of Rani Jhansi due to the same reason of potholes. Thanks to the prompt car driver who applied the brakes on time to save him for further injuries.

The roadside vendors claimed that they keep on seeing such accidents on a daily basis where young and old people fell on the roads with the growing potholes in the said location. Similar has been the situations in and around other places that have become the victim of potholes. The areas that remain affected include Loha Pul road near Munje Chowk. The roads are horrible there and the potholes are never blocked which become more dreaded during the monsoon season.

The citizens have been diverting the attention of civic authorities but nothing much seems to work out. The ongoing construction of metro, roads, highways, and flyovers in the major portions of the city add further salt over the wounds of people in Nagpur that make things bad to worse. It has become very difficult for the commuters to move around the city. Just recently, Nagpur police have identified 43 black spots within the city that remain vulnerable for people who move around and most of them have turned black due to the presence of potholes in them.

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