OMG: Human Skeleton found at Pension Nagar near Boregaon Road

It was a bad day for the residents of Pension Nagar near Boregaon road as they discovered the human skeleton on the roadside this Tuesday. As per the police, the skeleton was found by the NMC employees when they were carrying out the cleaning process with the help of a water pump. As the found out the skeleton remains, they were quick to inform the police. The cops recovering the skeleton claim that it could be of a person with 30 to 35 years of age.

The remains have been collected and sent out for the post mortem test in the forensic department in the City Hospital. They informed that the DNA test would be carried out to further find out the identity of the person. The police from the Gittikhanadan Police have started investigating the case and have not found out any missing complaint that matches the person’s skeleton.

On the other side, the panic and fear kind of situations are felt in the area of Pension Nagar. But the police have made the people in the local area comfortable and appealed people not to spread rumors around to keep the situations under control. Stay tuned to know more about this case only with us, till then if you have to say anything about this news, do comment below. Also, if you know anything on this case, do let us know by commenting below.

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