Prince Yadav a perfect combo of entrepreneur passion and colossal aptitude

Prince Yadav is a digital entrepreneur, with diverse business interests in areas of celebrity management, digital marketing, PR and social media management. A self-learned digital marketer, this boy from Ahmedabad, Gujarat is running his successful business from ground zero. Prince took the plunge to get involved in the nitty-gritty of digital world at the age of seventeen. With constant learning and an open perspective, he has been able to bring his venture into newer domains.

Prince Yadav
Prince Yadav

The youngest entrepreneur of India, Prince has collaborated with a number of brands and influencers from various professions. Moreover, Prince got the opportunity to work with many renowned celebrities from television actors to eminent Bollywood personalities, all thanks to his inbuilt talent and skills.
Meanwhile, according to Prince, he has always had this entrepreneurial passion and the colossal aptitude to shine brightly amongst the general crowd and become more and more successful.

Digital world really has given wings to his ideas and he feels grateful for that.
Prince Yadav has truly achieved perks in his life with so many achievements in the world of digital entrepreneurship and social media management. And the thing which is the most surprising is that, he did it all by himself and that to under the age of twenty.

Prince also shared a pro tip for the budding entrepreneurs, in a candid conversation. He suggested that one should not be completely married to the idea of the business but also conduct a lot of research, feedbacks and look into how the product or service can be tailor-made to suit the target customer base.Prince is gradually becoming the first choice for many renowned Indian personalities. He is improving himself as an entrepreneur and getting famous in the digital industry day by day. Establishing a firm connection with people from the premium industries in his native state along with clients from overseas, Prince Yadav has a long way to go.
Prince has an aim to work towards supporting the budding eentrepreneurs and he is using his personal experience to benefit others in their entrepreneurial journey as well. Prince Yadav is just seventeen, yet has worn many hats so far!

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