Rashami Desai shocked to know about Arhaan’s child, Salman Enters Bigg Boss house

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13, Salman opened a dangerous secret of Arhaan which can break the relationship between Rashami Desai and him (Arhaan Khan).

Last night on weekend ka vaar Salman was very angry with the contestants of the house. The reason for Salman’s anger was because of the housemates making vulgar, insulting and abusive comments for each other.
Salman even became angry over Arhaan due to his conversation of Paras Chabra about the tattoo of his girlfriend ‘Akansha Puri’. Salman got so furious over Arhaan that he asked him to tell about his own family. On account of the same, Salman asked Rashami Desai that did she know the secret of Arhaan. Rashami denied about knowing anything about Arhaan’s secret.

Salman Khan then asked Arhaan to reveal the house members of his own house, one by one. Arhaan takes all the names but, doesn’t take the name of his wife or didn’t even talk about his child.

Salman then told Rashami Desai that Arhaan had a child. Rashami Desai became emotional and shocked on this revelation. Salman then added that he knew this from very beginning but he never asked her because he thought that Rashami knew everything and after that she had accepted Arhaan’s proposal.

Rashami Desai then said Salman that Arhaan never told her that he had a child. Salman then mentioned that he didn’t want to open up about Arhaan but, because of Arhaan, he had to do this.

This unwinding truth of Arhaan made Rashami Desai really shocked and she denied listening to any confession of Arhaan. However, later Salman came inside the house to take care of Rashami and also talked to Arhaan to apologize to Rashami Desai.

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