Paras’s girlfriend Akansha Puri Hurt With Paras’s Statements in Bigg Boss

Recently, on Bigg Boss, there have been some new wildcards who entered in the house. Arhaan Khan, Shefali Bagga and Madhurima are the three new wildcard contestants. Arhaan Khan had a conversation with Paras Chabra about the tattoo of his girlfriend ‘Akansha Puri’ on his wrist.

Paras Chabara said that he was forced and that’s why he made this tattoo on his hand.

Paras clearly said Arhaan that he didn’t wanted to make any kind of tattoo on any part of his body but she (Akansha Puri) forced him to do so.

Akansha Puri reacted on this conversation that held between Paras Chabra and Arhaan Khan after sometime the conversation came on air.

Akansha Puri was very upset with this statement of Paras Chabra. She said that Paras made this tattoo with his own acceptance. She never forced him to make any kind of tattoo on her body.

She also refused to agree that they were not in a relationship. She said that Paras Chabara confessed his love to her (Akansha Puri).

Akansha Puri said that many people are doing bad comments on the statement of Paras.

Paras’ mom also had to face many problems with that statement.

Arhaan also asked him that time that if anyone doesn’t like anyone then how would he agree to make her tattoo on his hand. Paras Chabra replied to him that this tattoo can be changed. In fact, he has made it in such a way that if needed he can change it.

Akansha Puri interacted with the media and told them that her family members especially her mom was very upset with this and had a very bad effect due to the statement of Paras.

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