Rashami’s word of advise to Shehnaaz

Friends often save one from the biggest difficulties in life by giving a prior intimation. Not just the common man but TV actors too have good friends who advise them honestly. The trending Big Boss 13 witnesses two such friends. The audience very well knows about the rivalry between Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla. With so much going on in the Big Boss 13 House, Rashami gives a word of advise to Shehnaaz Gill.

Everyone knows about the bond between Shehnaaz and Sidharth in Big Boss House. In an episode of BB 13, Rashami spends some time chit-chatting with Shehnaaz. She advises Shehnaaz to focus on the game first. Shehnaaz has been spotted many times in the show saying a lot about her respect. Meanwhile, Rashami suggests Shehnaaz to maintain her self-respect and dignity. Shehnaaz listens to what Rashami says. Rashami brings to her notice that the ongoing game should be her first priority and not relationship with Sidharth. She asks Shehnaaz to focus on relationship with Sidharth after the game gets over. Shehnaaz calmly tried to understand to what Rashami is saying.

The interesting part is that Shehnaaz did not deny even once about her bond with Sidharth. It seems that love is in the air in the Big Boss House. Rashami also says Shehnaaz to ignore about any wrong-doings going on in the house and not to get hurt. Will Shehnaaz listen to Rashami’s advise and focus on game or she will prioritise Sidharth more than the game and get into the relationship?Let’s see what happens next in the Big Boss 13 House!

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