Obsessive Shehnaaz gets passionate about Sidharth

The Big Boss 13 is getting interesting day by day. On one hand, Rashami was seen giving a word of advise to Shehnaaz on her bond with Sidharth while on the other hand, Shehnaaz confesses her love for Sidharth and loses her control on herself.

In the upcoming episode, audience will be able to see a big twist in the Big Boss 13 House. Shehnaaz Gill will be seen getting more obsessive and possessive with Siddharth Shukla. Shehnaaz will be seen confessing her love to Sidharth. She says “I love you” to Sidharth to which he replies “thik hai”. She gets a little annoyed by this reply from Sidharth and asks him to reply to her “I love you” with “I love you too”. However, Sidharth does not listen and stays quiet. Shehnaaz further tries to force him and also hits him. She warns Sidharth that he must not hurt her in any way to which Sidharth completely denies.

Shehnaaz loses her control further and hugs Sidharth. She states that she is not in the show to win the game or to win the Big Boss 13 but she wants to win his love. She has definitely developed a lot of affection with him and is getting out of control. Salman too had warned Siddharth at Weekend ka Vaar that he must make Shehnaaz understand about what she is doing. Meanwhile, other house inmates have also started talking about Shehnaaz’s behaviour and think that this is her trick to win the game. They also think that she is being fake.

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