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Nylon Manja Now Delivered at home with WhatsApp in Nagpur

Nylon Manja often called as the Chinese Manjha is a banned product in Nagpur and other places in our country for obvious reasons. However, if you check the latest update in our city about getting the same at home, the sellers have found a different route to accept the order and deliver it at the home via WhatsApp numbers as they are unable to sell the same openly for being banned in city.

Come Makar Sankranti and we see people demanding for the same as considering its lethal nature, it was immediately banned. It has now disappeared from all the prominent markets known for the kite lovers including Juni Shukrwari, Dharampeth, Itwaari and others places. But it seems that the sellers have found out an alternate ways as they delivering the same getting the orders via WhatsApp. These are now available discreatly on special orders.

The city based NGO called Green Vigil Foundation along with others have tried to visit all the possible palces to check if these are available or not. They have even requested the civic body – NMC to conduct raids by sending out their nuisance detections quad in city find out the nylon. They have conducted and have even found out the same which has further made it disappear from the market. However, with this Modus Opreandi coming in, things have turned bad to worse and the local authority should take action against the same. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

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