Rising singer in the industry, Parry Deswal is touching the hearts of his thousands of fans with his albums and songs

Modern generation singer, Parry Deswal is the new talent in the music industry. Parry is a young man with a lot of fire in him. Since childhood, Parry always had a keen interest in music. On finding his passion for music, he immediately decided to pursue it as his career. Over the years through hard work, courage and determination, Parry has established himself as one of the finest artists in this industry. He is taking the industry by storm through his music. 

With the music industry changing with the passage of time, a newcomer needs to have a unique taste and style in order to survive in the industry. Parry’s debut track became an instant hit. It has gained thousands of views on the music video. Therefore, his debut was quite a success in this ruthless industry and gained quite recognition from the public. 

 Parry Deswal
Parry Deswal

Music is an art. It takes quite a lot of hard work and talent to take something simple and make something artistic out of it. Good music holds the power to make people feel the emotions expressed through the lyrics and only a few musicians are able to make people feel emotions through their music. Parry Deswal is one of the very few singers who are able to influence the public through his music. Parry feels music is all about knowing how to reach people’s emotions through sound. 

Parry is a very hard-working young man; he always tries to give his 100 per cent in any work he does. He strives hard to attain his dreams to collaborate with other talented artists present in the music industry.

Parry’s work has never failed to amaze his fans. Other than being a singer he is also a lyricist and an influencer. Day by day his fan following is increasing as his music and its lyrics are so relatable and mesmerizing to the youth that they instantly fall in love with his music. He has a substantial follower of over 10.3k on his Instagram page and has about 20.1k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Currently, Parry looks forward to hitting the top charts and becoming one of the top artists in the industry. He is actively working on his upcoming albums whose details will soon be revealed to the public. If you want to know more about Parry Deswal, you can simply check out his social media handle (Link down below). 


Don’t forget to check out and stream his music on YouTube (link down below)


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