GrowthwithMatty’s latest track “Real” takes the internet by storm

We may not really realize the power of social media until something beautiful happens.

While some people are sharing pics of the last meal they made, others are using the platform to the fullest, producing music that could potentially reach 14 percent of the world’s population.


GrowthwithMatty has a following of more than 100,000, and a partnership with Waka Flocka opens so many doors to his musical future – as well as gives him roundabout access to Flocka’s 3 million followers. That is using social media in an intelligent way. Only food network junkies care about those food pics.

A producer first

That wasn’t how it started, however. GrowthwithMatty was a voracious music lover who made a move as an Instagram producer, which gave him an important, modern way to be part of the ever-expanding music industry.

By guiding other musicians – coaching them to be their best – he was able to help make the world of music more interesting, using the most modern of methods.

He had a deep love for music, yes, but he had had no idea that working with musicians would stoke a fire inside him that would make it nearly impossible for him not to produce himself as well. It was easy to make the leap.

You can’t resist it, when it happens to you

When creativity strikes, it can be hard to resist, especially when your voice is so much more different than those of the musicians you’ve either worked with or produced.

As he worked with others, GrowthwithMatty found his own personal niche – instrumental, hip-hop inspired work that captures the attention of listeners – and he began producing himself, first using a cell phone to record his work flawlessly, then creating a home studio that allowed him more freedom to work, whenever the urge strikes.

The musician has a tenacity that most must have. He spends late nights in the studio, and recorded two albums in three months. The second, “The Cold Life,” recorded in his home studio, was released late during the week of May 11.

Creating his own music allows GrowthwithMatty to be free and open with fans, especially since he focuses primarily on instrumental works, and relies solely on sound to create a song’s mood, its atmosphere.

It’s a cool, contemporary way to approach music, since instrumentals are rare, despite being more powerful. His work is captivating, wrapping in intrigue and as hard to resist as it was for GrowthwithMatty to produce his own work.

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