Md Sakib Bin Azad is a Multi-talented Young Digital Marketer and Musician

Md Sakib Bin Azad is an independent musician with increasing success: an entrepreneur, digital marketer, freelancer. He was born in Dhaka. Since childhood, he has had an interest in music and digital marketing. When he was 15, his first task in the film, named Agnee, introduced him. In this film in one song, he works on instrumental music. He began his music career from then on. Sakib is a digital marketer, an entrepreneur, an author and a freelancer.

Md Sakib Bin Azad
Md Sakib Bin Azad

Sakib has achieved enviable success at the age of 21 through digital marketing instead of hoping for a job. It has produced jobs for many young people as well as being self-confident. Since he has been successful, this profession has aroused the interest of many more young people.

Sakib was interested in doing something new from the beginning. His hard work and objectives have made him today at the height of success. At a young age he began his profession in digital marketing. He does his work through his page named Md Sakib Bin Azad, basically his organization working on creating content for Facebook. They promote digital products on behalf of numerous types of agencies, through content projection and distribution.

Sakib thinks digital marketing is a huge field of opportunity in the current era. He said its importance is increasing day by day. You need to increase your skills initially if you want to start working with digital marketing. Because you can progress to this accomplishment with the appropriate knowledge. For this, first of all you have to increase your skills. Then you need to keep your eyes and ears open and search constantly. Also, you need to know the use of different tools. We need to keep an eye on what kind of content millions of people will like.

Sakib said that creating content is very important in digital marketing. Again, even after developing good content many people do not receive the opportunity to work with digital marketing. Sakib always dreams of doing something for them. At the beginning of his career, he overcame many challenges. So Sakib is trying his best so that the new young people who come to work in the digital world do not face any obstacles.

Sakib has already been verified as a musician on many official international music platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, Spotify. His channel on YouTube was confirmed in January 2021 as the official artist channel and he was recently selected from Spotify for the artist verification. On International Platforms such as amazon music, apple music, deezer, shazam, spotify, he has lots of music.

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