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Rush Emerges as Liquor Shop Reopens in Nagpur

It was a huge crowd surrounding the liquor shops in the city as the wine trade got reopened yesterday. Despite the heat, people were seen in a long queue to get their bottles home for different brands of wines once again made available for the people in the region. Although the city authorities have put the decision to open the wine shops on hold, the mounting pressure on them soon opened the gates for the wine trade in the district. 

Both in the rural and the urban areas of the city, people were seen in long queues waiting to get their turn to collect their bottles as if these are made available for free. Such was the response to the number of wine shops opened in the morning till evening in the city and other parts of the district. As per the officials of State Excise Department, more than 92,97,000 was raised on the very first day for the sale of the bottles. 

In Nagpur alone, more than 33 wine shops and beer shops were functional after they underwent  the inspection by the excise department. As per reports, the city has 88 as the total number of wine shops, but only 33 were able to get the permission to reopen the wine shops as they were able to comply the requirements, while in rural Nagpur there are 135 wine shops and out of these only 38 were able to fulfill the requirements allowing them to reopen in the city. Stay tuned to know more on it and others only with us.

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