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Fraud in Nagpur Witnessed for Online Wine Shopping

With the relaxation announced by the NMC chief allowing the wine shops to deliver the bottles at home by keeping the shops close, we see many ads appearing on the social media sites claiming to buy online. However, soon the people realised that these ads are taking people for a ride by squeezing money from the pocket of people wanting the wine at home. 

They have created fake online profiles to attract people wanting to get wine delivered at home. With these ads many desperate consumers of wine were seen placing their orders by giving away the 50 per cent payment of the same and in return not getting anything delivered to them. When these people were asked to pose police complaints they are avoiding the same as they do not want to get embarrassed. 

As per reports, these fraudsters are putting lucrative ads along with posting good photos and videos to make the people an easy target. They are seen paying via the wallets like PayTm, Google Pay and Phone Pay. They pose the condition that they would only offer the services to people who give half of the payment to them. So far no formal complaint has been made to the police since people do not want to approach for small amounts. However, the victims have asked not to fall under prey for such lucrative ads. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us.

Mohd Khan

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