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OMG: 3000 ‘Aapli Bus’ employees yet to get their salaries amid the lockdown

Aapli Bus Service Nagpur
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The current lockdown that has lasted for not less than one and a half months is taking a bad shape now. All thanks to the bad economy and the losses incurred without the operation and production of various units in the city and in the entire country. Now, as per the latest, the NMC owned buses called Aapli Bus seems to be in a bad shape. The lockdown has shut down the services, which has affected around 3000 of its employees in the city. 

As per reports, around 3000 employees of the NMC owned buses have not received their salaries for the past two months despite the state government has announced that they will not cut or stop the payments of all the government and semi-government sector employees. Despite the promise, the NMC is unable to pay the salaries of these employees from the past two months. The situation of the state has gone bad to worse in the past two months that has gone for a total shutdown due to the spread of the virus. 

The bus service has drivers, ticket checkers, conductors, and admin staff, and these tolls to 3000 in the city. These people get their salaries on the 10th of each month but as per the recent reports, these employees are yet to get their salaries for the past two months. The reason is that Aapli Bus service is already in loss and it has to allocate around 214 crores as the salaries. However, with no work, the department is not willing to pay its employees making things bad to worse.

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