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Hyperloop Transport System Seems Improbable, Says The Deputy CM Maharashtra

There are a number of projects coming up for Maharashtra. One of those projects proposed was the Ultrafast Hyperloop Transport System from Mumbai to Pune. It is for the first time that such a project is being undertaken. Nothing of this sort has been undertaken in the world yet. The state government has recently given a signal that such a project could be little risky.

Ajit Pawar has stated that nobody in the world has worked on a project like that and is waiting for someone else in the world to try this first. He said that this project will be carried forward when something like this has been done in the world and turns out to be fruitful. However, the Deputy Chief Minister made it clear that this is not the final decision regarding the project. He further added that the government currently is not in a state to carry out an experiment with this technology. For now, the government is concentrating on the other transport systems and if the technology gives a successful trial anywhere else in the world then the Maharashtra government can also consider it.

The Maha Vikas Aghadi alliance is more keen on working on issues like the ailing farmers and poverty. The hyperloop transport system was put forward to reduce the travelling time between Mumbai and Pune. The travel between these two stations was fixed to cover within 35 minutes. The total project cost was expected to be 10$ billion. The project was proposed to replace the railway system connecting these two cities. For now, it has been put to a pause.

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