Saloni Mittal, social media sensation ready to hit bollywood With her acting skills

Saloni Mittal, who motivated us once he said “The best thing is to do what they say you cannot do”, is a self-made star. Who has come this far, by giving a lot of effort as an artist? Saloni Mittal is an Indian actress, creator, and a YouTuber. Young girls and boys love her to the fullest, because of her style and fashion. She is a well-known social media influencer too.
But do you know, what made her come this far, what’s her struggle story, and how she has owned her current lifestyle with her hard work!. She was born on September 15,1997, in Rajasthan ( Pilibangan).

Saloni Mittal Family:
Saloni Mittal likes to keep her personal life away from the limelight. She belongs from a Rich class family, Her father is a business man. But, Saloni started her career at an early age.

”No matter who you are, where you are from or what you have gone through, every person should have an equal chance at finding success in their life” said Saloni Mittal, a woman who is pioneering this philosophy. From Pilibanga, a small village in Rajasthan, Saloni proves to be an inspiration to many young girls all over India and the rest of the world- to dream big and to pursue their interests. Saloni Mittal is currently a social media sensation who is very soon going to debut as an actress in some high-budget films. With her exceptional physical charms along her even more beautiful approach to life, she has all that is required for a person to be somebody who makes a career out of socialising with and influencing people.
Initially, Saloni too was caught up in the rush of the world and did as society asked her to do. She pursued higher education and left her dreams behind. It was only after she had completed her interims that she finally realised her mistake and decided to instead, follow her passions.Even though, Saloni had cleared her CA exam, she dropped everything and started her own brand under the name of Surprises World, a fine arts business.
This was just a stepping stone for Saloni and she had no plans of stopping there. She used her newfound financial independence and real-world experience to support her dreams . After that she started modelling . Modelling is something that came naturally to her. Even though When she finally debuted as a professional model, Saloni took the industry by storm. Her natural beauty, both in body and mind shone through and has always kept pushing her forward. Even today, she claims it to be the reason for her constant growth both as a person and as a self-made successful woman.
During the lockdown, instead of picking up any unhealthy habits, Saloni decided to instead utilise her free time by taking to social media. It provided to be a very good way to expand her audience as well as helping her story encourage many young girls, something Saloni is very passionate about. She gain millions followers on social media in very less time. But Unfortunately, she faced a major medical scare in between and found half of her body and face paralysed. Doctors advised her to give up hope, but once again Saloni didn’t let others tell her what she could and couldn’t do. Slowly, she healed and once again returned to her work and her fans with full enthusiasm.
Saloni Mittal Has a lot to her personality apart from her career also. She is really fond of spending time with kids and she makes sure to visit NGOs where she can support them as well as make them happy by just giving them her company. According to her, the more you offer the more you get back. Dreams are very precious things to people and to achieve them is even more enthusiastic. It is her belief that there is no shortcut to life, Anything that comes easy also goes easy. hard way is the only way.

One of the most celebrated works of Saloni Mittal is the music video ‘Pehla Pyar’ with the ace singer MD.
She currently collaborated with yo yo honey singh singer.
Now, she is in talks with a popular director and set to play the lead in a Bollywood movie, it has a lot of work still undone but she is going to share information as soon as possible. she will be looking forward to grabbing more opportunities .To stay updated about Saloni’s story and her upcoming movie, please check out her Instagram page.

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