Shehnaaz’s friendship with Sidharth gets questioned!

Big Boss 13 House has again witnessed some intense moments. Seems like nobody can live peacefully while in the Big Boss 13 House. Time and again, the circumstances keep getting worse in the Big Boss House; and the inmates get involved in a heated argument again and again. Situations turn good with so much difficulty here and then something new comes up between them to create trouble.

Many members of the Big Boss 13 house have been in headlines but this time, the target is Shehnaaz Gill. Yes, she cries to the top of her limits as her friendship with Sidharth Shukla gets questioned. In the latest episode of Big Boss 13, the media gets a chance to meet the contestants of house and question them on various things. The trailer shows Mahira Sharma being asked for giving tag of ‘gandh’ (meaning dirt) to Shehnaaz. When asked to answer, Mahira states that even Shehnaaz once said to Mahira “tu hai kya, tera level kya hai?” This statement by Mahira will definitely provoke Shehnaaz further.

Next, Shehnaaz is questioned that she always states to be emotionally attached to Sidharth while her actions doesn’t show that. Her friendship with Sidharth too gets questioned by saying if all this is just for the game! She agrees to it which creates an argument between her and Sidharth. The fight continues later when the both can be seen fighting in the bathroom. Consequently, Shehnaaz cries a lot and tells “aisa fame nahi chahiye media me” to Rashami Desai. Rashami consoles Shehnaaz for the same and makes her quiet.

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