Shruti Shah: Taking over the entertainment field as a mesmerizing dancer, performer, choreographer, and whatnot

This absolutely stunning dancer has, over the years, proved her mettle in the industry, which today has turned her into an influential personality across the UK.

t is so astounding to know and read more about all those people and professionals who make sure to cross boundaries in order to reach their highest potential and, eventually, highest realms of success. These individuals, especially women, have increasingly come forward to showcase their A-game in almost every industry across the world and have proved what they really possess as high-performing professionals and creative souls. The world of dance and entertainment are worlds of their own, which so far have produced some of the greatest talents, among which one name that has been making a lot of buzz for years is a passionate dancer, performer, choreographer, and whatnot. We are talking about Shruti Shah.

Shruti Shah
Shruti Shah

The Indian talent based in the UK has taken over the dance niche with her impeccable dancing talent and her innate artistic skills, which have brought her to the forefront of the industry in ways more than one. A Mumbaikar at heart, Shruti Shah was born on 11th August 1981, studied at SNDT College, and did post-graduation in PR and Events. Today, she is a British citizen and resides in London. Shruti Shah is a well-recognized name in the industry for her long years of association with a renowned dance company based in Mumbai. Being with the renowned group for more than two decades, she has, over the years, performed various roles in the organization to help it reach exponential success levels in the UK.

Initially, she worked as part of the group’s dance faculty, and since then has fulfilled roles like senior dance instructor, principal dancer, supervisor, project manager, choreographer, creative head, and country manager (UK) from the years 1998 to July 2019. Today, with her dancing and life partner Rohan Shah, she works as an artistic director and master instructor at Bollywood Dance School UK ( They have together taught over 50,000 students in the last two decades in 13 cities across India, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Having taught and performed with top Bollywood celebrities in various Bollywood films, award shows, events, tours, shows, etc., Shruti Shah proudly represents art from India in the UK.

As an independent Bollywood choreographer and media and event consultant with her husband, she has been truly taking over the field as an incredible talent.

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