Sonu Sood demands postponement of NEET, JEE examinations

Mumbai: The Messiah of the citizens of the country and one of the most finest actors of the Bollywood industry, Sonu Sood has joined the debate against NEET and JEE exams.

Taking to his Twitter handle, he requested the government of India to postpone the entrance exams keeping in mind the current horrifying situation.

“It’s my request to government of India, to postpone the #Neet/#JEE exams in the current situation of the country! In the given #COVID19 situation, we should care utmost & not risk the lives of students!” he tweeted.

On August 23, atleast 4000 students protested against the decision of the government observing a day long hunger strike soon after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s statement that said government must listen to the “mann ki baat” of stuents and arrive at “an acceptable solution”.

Many students have come forward in favor of conducting the exams in September without postponing it further while others have demanded complete lockdown on exam days ensuring the safety of the students and prohibiting the entry of any other person except those coming for the examination.

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