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Students of last city returned from Ukraine

The last person to reach this city's airport was Viraj Walde, a fourth-year student at Sumy State Medical University

Nagpur: All the 51 medical students hailing from Nagpur are out of the war zone Ukraine country after evacuation by Indian authorities.

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The last person to reach this city’s airport was Viraj Walde, a fourth-year student at Sumy State Medical University. They had reached Nagpur city very late on Friday. The young man, along with about 700 other Indians, went from Sumi on the eastern border to the western border, on their way out of Poland.

Simultaneously, Walde escape lasted for four days, in which he traveled for a long time in trains and buses before reaching Poland.

He has said that he was all alone in Sumi from Nagpur. There were airstrikes near his shelter on his last day. The Indian government had spoken to the officials there and asked them to evacuate by morning. He got a message that he has to leave by the morning of 8th March. They arrived in Poltava.

Pursue the rest of the course

It takes three hours to reach Poltava from Sumi. But it took them 12 hours as the roads were damaged due to the bomb blasts. Then later, they arrived in Poltava at 8 pm. There they found a train to Lviv. Without wasting time he caught the train. After 16 to 18 hours, they arrived in Lviv and had crossed Poland by the afternoon of 9 March.

When asked about his degree, Walde has said that, His university has announced long back that they are all set to transfer him to the place where he wants to pursue the rest of the course.

NGO Platform member Rajiv Khobragade has also said that, They are grateful to all the volunteers who have worked with the platform team to provide support and guidance to students who are stranded in Ukraine. They would also like to thank Rahul Wasnik and Manjunath from Hungary, Rajat Rana from Poland and Aona and Anton from Romania for providing food, shelter, blankets, and other assistance. Swapnil Deogade of Nagpur district has also helped to join the platform team to help and guide the stranded people in Ukraine.

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