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11 Districts together have reported only 3 Covid-19 deaths in October so far

On Saturday, 1 new covid-19 patient was found inside Wardha, which became a nearly zero covid district for almost a week.

Nagpur: In the last 3 days of this festive season, 17 new fresh cases of coronavirus were reported. Whereas 30 under treatment patients of corona have recovered well. Now, only 120 corona patients are under treatment in the entire Vidarbha region.

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In the last 2 days, about 10,000 coronavirus tests have been done. On Vijaya Dashmi day, despite being a festive holiday, around 4,000 tests for coronavirus have been conducted. Only 6 of them tested corona positive. No death has been reported in the Vidarbha region in the last two days. In this month of October till date, 11 districts together have reported only 3 deaths due to covid.

On Saturday, 1 new covid-19 patient was found inside Wardha, which became a nearly zero covid district for almost a week. Zero new fresh cases have come out in Gondia and Bhandara. So far, every district of Vidarbha is registering new fresh cases in only one digit. In this month of October, no district has reported more than 10 covid-19 cases on any day.

The situation of covid-19 in Vidarbha is well under control. Here on the date of October 4, the schools have reopened once again. More than ten days have passed. But no increase or spike in the cases of covid-19 has been reported so far.

The places of worship have once again opened from the date of 7 October. And since then almost 1 week has passed. Still, no significant increase has been recorded in the cases of covid-19.

Akola: In Akola district, on the date of October 16, no such case came to the fore. Whereas on the date of 15 October, 2 women have been found to be coronavirus positive. No one has recovered or died in the last two days. 19 coronavirus patients are still being treated in Akola. About 250 covid-19 tests have been done within the last two days.

Washim: No new case of covid-19 or any recovery has been reported in Washim district in the last two days. This district has done more than 500 Covid-19 tests. There are 41,757 covid-19 cases in Washim district, 41,113 patients have been cured, 639 covid-19 patients have died and now 4 covid-19 patients are undergoing treatment.

Buldhana: On the date of 15 October, 0 cases have been registered in Buldhana on 5 and 16 October. Out of 87,600 coronavirus cases reported so far, 86,911 cases have been completely correct. The toll of the district is 674. A total of 15 coronavirus patients are undergoing treatment.

Gondia: Not a single new case has come out in the last two days,
Whereas 1 patient under treatment has been completely cured on Saturday.

Bhandara: Not a single new case, death or recovery has been reported in Bhandara in the last 48 hours. At present, treatment of only 2 coronavirus patients is going on in Bhandara district.

Gadchiroli: The number of patients under treatment in this district has reached about 7, Which is the lowest till date since the first wave of covid-19 in Gadchiroli district. In this district, 11 covid-19 patients have been cured in the last two days.

Yavatmal: A new coronavirus patient has been registered in Yavatmal. And no one has died, Due to which the death toll in the district has remained almost unchanged at 1,787. At present, treatment of nine coronavirus patients is going on. The investigation report of 779 coronaviruses (91 on Friday and 688 on Saturday) has come, Out of which one has been found to be covid-19 positive. So far, out of 72,896 covid-19 patients, 71,099 have been cured. The test positivity rate of covid-19 in the district is 9.68%, The mortality rate is 2.45% and the daily covid-19 positivity rate is zero.

Chandrapur: Chandrapur has scored another 0 in terms of coronavirus cases as well as the number of casualties detected on Saturday, The number of people who have recovered from the total coronavirus has gone up to 87,216.

Wardha: A new coronavirus patient has been detected on Friday. And not a single case has come to light on Saturday. Treatment of a coronavirus patient is going on.

Amravati: Out of 168 samples tested for covid-19 in this district, not a single one was found to be covid-19 positive on Saturday, Because after 2 is correct, there has been a total of 94,535. With no death reported, the number of patients under treatment has come down to just nine.

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