Swaggers The Band : The Foundation of the Music Empire

Swaggers The Band
Swaggers The Band

If music could be treated as an elephantic empire, then these musical gang hustlers called Swaggers could be definitely regarded as the foundation of this empire.

Extracting ideas from the root level and executing them in an astonishing way is the ultimate inspiration and specialty of the band. Whether it be introducing DJ in-band and adding folk elements in the band, the hustlers are never afraid of trying new experiments.

Beats and DJ Vicky are connected so firmly that one even can’t talk about just one thing at a time. He is an experienced guy who had been married to this music game for the last 15 years. He had unfurled his enigmatic flair at Nasha Club in Pattaya also. And no one even can’t dare to judge his abilities, because even the turbunator of the nation, Harbhajan Singh invited him at his wedding to embrace them with his killer beats.

Sunil Kumar, the most touchy and enthusiastic member of the group who has attracted people like a magnet with his energetic dhol beats.

Vocals, basically the backbone of any band, have direct connection with hearts of the audience, and Mandip and Daljeet have successfully plugged in their voices in an amazing way. These guys are musical magicians who have won a lot of championships at many unscripted TV shows. And Mandip has a unique talent of producing Tappan’s fully relevant to the given situation. The presence of the mind of this young Punjabi hustler is incomparable and even with such top-notch qualities, the guy is very down to earth person. Daljeet Kaur, the beauty combined with talent is the lady luck of the crew. She is an experienced vocalist who had also worked for many years at Bangkok.

Ashu Kapoor, the multi-talented champ of the crew, has not only got a gifted voice but is also blessed with the magnificent flair for producing music. Last but not the least, Tarun raj, the percussionist of the band has marked new benchmarks in the industry with his work.

One should be highly thankful to Mr.Sagar Dawar to bless us with such a talented crew and providing opportunities to the young talent. The band is full ready with its banger projects and the year 2021 is going to be in the name of Swaggers.

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