TamilGlitz leads the Market Share of Tamil Regional Internet Users

Very few people dare to follow their passion. Many like to just take the safe route and maybe even settle for less. But Rahul Bala, Mohammed Arqum, Felix B didn’t ignore their passion for a risk-free life. The golden trio hailing from Tamil Nadu is the face behind a leading digital content media startup called TamilGlitz. The name is popular across the land of Tamils. 

The three innovators decided to go forward with their plans of a startup when they were in their final year of engineering. In June 2015, the golden trio launched TamilGlitz. The journey was rocky initially, but they tasted success in the coming years. 

TamilGlitz digital content targets rural areas. The next-generation regional internet users love TamilGlitz content because of its simple and unique style of storytelling. The content curation of TamilGlitz is very striking for B and C audiences as they publish up-to-date regional news to their niche audience.

With no godfathers or high-level contacts in the media sector, the young visionaries built their brand with pure dedication, honesty, and perseverance. They used social media and google search rankings to their benefit and carved their company organically. That’s the power of social media. It can make anything go viral, and an authentic company like TamilGlitz is certainly bound to go viral. 

The contemporary means of keeping in touch with folks we know and knowing current affairs is through social media. The need for social media has thrived worldwide, and it has given rise to some substantial modifications in our existence. Even though the impacts of social media are ambiguous, one aspect that everyone would concede is that social media is certainly enjoyable. To make that true, TamilGlitz is breaking ground with its content. With the news and content provided by TamilGlitz, the followers will feel as though they are in touch with their favorite celebrities.

With immense fame, the offers for promotion started pouring in from famous production houses. The startup got recognized by production houses and received approval to do promotions for their movies.

TamilGlitz’s glory does not end there. They have collaborated with top media brands and celebrities for social media outreach. The startup has collaborated with top Tamil Production House like Think Music, 24 AM, VFF to promote teasers and trailers of their movies on its pages, and top cinema celebrities like Siva Karthikeyan, Vishal, Nayanthara are some of their media clients. The celeb list is quite big.

Even after gaining so much success, the team of TamilGlitz believes being humble is the key to success. The entire team works hard to gather accurate information, conduct on-the-ground research, and interviews. It’s only after thorough analysis they publish their content. Content is king, quality is the kingdom. That’s what they stand by. 

Presently, TamilGlitz is focused on covering the news of information of Tamil Nadu media and daily happenings. The love for their mother tongue, their birthplace, and the passion for media birthed this outstanding startup. TamilGlitz is on a journey to make digital media content easily accessible for everyone, and we are sure they will achieve it very soon. If you want to follow them, here’s their social media handle.






Twitter: @TamilGlitzin



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