Teamology PR – Best PR agency in Kolkata

Teamology Softech and Media Services Private Limited are known as the most versatile and trustworthy PR agency in India.

Teamology Softech and Media Services Private Limited are known as the most versatile and trustworthy PR agency in India. Being the best PR agency in Kolkata, it has gained immense success and recognition within a short span of time. Considering the progress rate of Teamology PR, their achievements are equal to any we-established company in the market.

Within a span of 2 years, Teamology PR agency has made its mark in the industry. By winning the Iconic PR agency of the year award by Mid-Day for two consecutive years, 2020 and 2021, they have raised the bar for their competitors in the market. The proud founders, Mr. Gurlez Alam and Mr. MD Badshah Ansari have built a strong and successful brand for themselves.

With such passion for digital PR and hard work behind it, the founders and even their team have put in equal effort. With a well-educated, well-trained and highly qualified team, building a strong reputation in the market was quick. They have always believed in serving their clients with the best of services.

Since they are still a startup, the clientele list will be similar to its competitors. Be it a reputed and well-known company or brand or even an early startup, they provide their services to every type of client. Their belief and vision are to deliver excellent services to their clients. With sheer dedication and team spirit, they have also managed to onboard all the big clients in the industry.

Using the latest technology and the ever-changing market trends, the Teamology PR team makes sure that all the trends, advancements and market insights are utilized in the best way possible. They have catered to almost all the segments in the industry, such as IT, Education, FMCG, Technology, lifestyle, retail, infrastructure, real estate, fashion and apparel, and much more.

They have managed everything smoothly and swiftly with a plethora of services to offer. Services such as digital PR services, brand communication management, PR articles and guest post, Election management, and event coordination are among their primary services. Other services include movie advertising and PR promotions, OOT series promotions, reputation management for well-known celebrities and politicians, etc.

Being the best digital PR agency in Kolkata, India, they have flourished not only in India but across the globe. With various offices established across India, they have also opened up offices in Saudi Arabia and the USA. Teamology PR is a certified ISO 9001:2015 quality control company from USA IAS and IAF councils. They are also considered as best pr agency in India.

Maintaining the PR campaigns and digital marketing, the team Teamology has gauged enough experience to guide all of their clients with effective and profitable PR solutions. The SEO and SMO services are commendable as well from their end. With their outstanding skills and achievements, Teamology PR has become a benchmark for many other such brands in the industry.

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