Tejasswi Prakash is not perfect on her relationship with Karan Kundra

Tejasswi Prakash has recently told that very soon his chemistry with Karan Kundra is going to be seen onscreen.

New Delhi: Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundra pairing from ‘Bigg Boss 15’ are constantly in the news. Even after coming out of the house, they often get spotted with each other. Along with this, they keep sharing many beautiful pictures with each other. TejRan fans also like the pair of these two very much. He is often seen talking about his relationship in front of paps too. Meanwhile, recently Tejasswi Prakash, while talking with Paps, has said that they are not a perfect couple at all. Apart from this, he has said many big things. Hearing this, everyone is very much surprised.

tejasswi not perfect relationship

Tejasswi Prakash has recently told that very soon his chemistry with Karan Kundra is going to be seen onscreen. During this, it was told to Tejasswi Prakash that she would like to speak something for the people living in the relationship. In which she says that all people have to accept their relationship as it is. She also says that Karan Kundra is currently on a shoot and he is here. But they will also be seen together very soon.

This actress further says, have you not seen how crazy she is. You just have to let your own relationship be like that, As it is. Also, don’t leave everything to your partner at all. Tejasswi Prakash further says that have faith in your relationship. If they talk about her and Karan Kundra relationship, then they are not the perfect couple at all. But there is a lot of beauty in imperfection too and she loves it. This is his suggestion regarding the relationship.

Let us also tell you that in the past, a video of Tejasswi Prakash has been very much overshadowed on social media. During this the actress reached the Grazia Millennial Awards. Where the actress Tejasswi Prakash was carrying purple color coat-pants. At the same time, he did not carry anything with his blazer. In such a situation, his look looked very bold in appearance. This actress kept her hair open. This actress also took a lot of pictures on the red carpet by giving different types of poses. Fans are very much liking this video of him.

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