The Emerging Face Of Digital Marketing- PRATULYA SHARMA

To be a digital Entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea these days because of the cut-throat competition. But Asia’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur, Pratulya Sharma is acing the space by illustrating his remarkable entrepreneurial skills. To be honored with one of the prestigious awards of Global Young leader is commendable because it requires a lot of potential and hard work to make it up to that level but Pratulya Sharma proved it exceptionally well. Pratulya Sharma is Asia’s Youngest Tycoon digital entrepreneur and an expert in YouTube marketing and digital marketing strategy building with a remarkable voyage. The prominent leading digital marketer is elevating the essence of his chore.

pratulya sharma

Pratulya describing the beginning of his career

He commenced his digital entrepreneurial voyage with a minor investment of 80 Rupees. His passionate and committed behavior made him attain his goals. Coming from a middle-class family, he is self-made on the foundation of his allegiance that’s why he can scale up from rupees 80 to rupees 8 lakh rupees per month which are admirable from an entrepreneurial point of view. He is advancing with the endeavor that presently his work defines his persona best.

Work Profile and clientele of Pratulya Sharma

At present, Pratulya is working with billion-dollar MNCs and with more than 145 Clients in more than 10 countries. He is renowned for attending some well-known clients. The list comprises Jay Pareil, Wraptors Inc., Tom John, Xavier’s Groups, and T Series. He has already Cross $1, 00,000+ in just 8 Months.

Awards won by Pratulya

Pratulya has gained multiple Laurels because of his admirable chore at such a young age. He was awarded by the United Nations and IIT as Global Young Leader 2019. His chore depicts him best. Thus, this youngest lad is doing a phenomenal job by precisely investing his time and making the best use of it.

Pratulya explaining the importance of Digital Marketing

Pratulya says marketing not only encourages innovation, it also teaches you to adopt new approaches to your problems. Digital marketing as a profession brings a lot of positive changes to your life like the ability to adapt and perform innovatively.

Tips to enter the world of Digital Marketing

Pratulya says that before you decide to become a digital marketer, you need to ensure that this is what you want to do. He advises to start with a website, wherein you will be required to nurture visitors and conduct email marketing, both a crucial part of social media marketing. He suggests one should focus on these crucial points before doing more to become the perfect digital guru.

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