Qaseem Haider Qaseem will play police inspector in Shivam Roy Prabhakar’s film The Third Hacker

Film The Third Hacker is going to start again which was postponned due to coronavirus lockdown. It is known that actor Qaseem Haider Qaseem is going to join the cast of the film. The film stars actor Shivam Roy Prabhakar in the lead while Sagar Joshi is directing the film.
Let us tell you that the film The Third Hacker was announced in the month of January 2020. Shooting of the film had also started but due to coronavirus, the shooting of the film was stopped. There was the news that the film was to be released in November, and the film was not even completed till November just due to the lockdown.
The film’s producer Laxman Singh Rajput explains, “The film The Third Hacker is based on a teenager boy who becomes a very dangerous hacker at a young age. The character of the hacker in the film is being played by Shivam Roy Prabhakar. After all of this, I needed an actor to play the role of a police inspector named ‘Junaid’. For which I had auditions online where I got the video of actor Qaseem Haider Qaseem and I found his acting very realistic. I, then sent his profile to my director and Qaseem Haider Qaseem was selected to play Inspector Junaid in the film.
In this way, in the film, actor Qaseem Haider Qaseem is playing a very important character, which comes as a very strong character in the climax of the story. Apart from actor Shivam Roy Prabhakar, actress Josephine Lang, Sonali Jha, Rajeeth Singh Sethi, Arvind Reddy and many other actors will also be seen in The Third Hacker. Singer Vinay Aditya Roy is singing the title song of the film, while the film is going to be shot in Mumbai as well as Uttar Pradesh.

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