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To Make Steel Too Use Green Hydrogen: Gadkari

Nitin is now considering separating the hydrogen from the water and also the oxygen to be used as fuel.

Nagpur: Nitin Gadkari Union Transport Minister, has been advocating the use of only green hydrogen to run all vehicles other than an alternative fuel, has also given a suggestion for its use in steel production.

use green hydrogen

On Sunday Minister was said at a function organized by the Manganese Ore India Limited (MOIL). Mini Ratna PSU has inducted 1 brand new vertical shaft in its 1 mine in Nagpur district. Ram Chandra Prasad Singh Union Steel Minister was also present in this.

Nitin is now considering separating the hydrogen from the water. And also the oxygen to be used as fuel. He has also said that as soon as he can replace petroleum in vehicles also. Similarly, instead of coking coal, green hydrogen can also be used well in making those steel. Coking coal is also imported on a very large scale for the domestic steel industry.

Manganese is also used for making steel and it is used to make the metal very strong. The Steel Minister has also fully agreed to this. And said that it is also possible in principle. And it has also been said that it will take time to adopt this technology well. Singh has also said that at present the country is heavily dependent on the import of coking coal.

Nitin has also hit out at environmentalists for completely opposing mining projects by raising environmental issues. He has said that how will India progress without it. Despite having reserves in India, today more than 45 lakh metric tonnes of manganese have to be imported into the country itself.

Need To Increase Production

The minister has also said that “I am also a strong champion of green fuels like bio-diesel, CNG, or ethanol. But the development of India also has to go hand in hand,”

Nitin has also said that he also chairs the infrastructure clearance committee. He will ensure that no work is stopped unnecessarily.

The Steel Minister has also emphasized the need to increase production. At present, more than half of India’s manganese requirement has to be imported.

Singh has also said that under the National Steel Policy of the year 2017. A plan has been made to increase the steel production to more than 300 million metric tonnes in the last several years. At present, it is around 110 million metric tonnes.

He has also said that the government has to adopt a very concrete approach. While dealing with the local people in mining areas.

Singh has also said that the per capita consumption of steel is very low. In these urban areas. It is up to about 74 kg. Whereas in rural areas it is around 15 kg.

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