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Widow of Man killed with Pothole in city moves to High Court

It was on September the 2nd when we saw one ambulance stuck in a pothole in the area of Manish Nagar carrying the ailing man Bhushan to Hospital. But it was struck so badly that it took half an hour for the ambulance to get away and reach to the hospital in Dhantoli. The crater-like Pothole was the reason for making the man declared dead when he arrived at the hospital.

As per the latest, in this case, the 32-year-old survivor of the man called Amruta is now filing a case in High Court asking the Nagpur Bench to intervene asking to take action against the culprit that left the road unattended allowing the pothole turn deadly. The ambulance that left for the hospital at 1.15 am took one and half hours to reach the hospital which is mere 8 km away from their place in Manish Nagar. All thanks to the mucky pothole that kept the ambulance struggle and reach late allowing the man to lose his life.

Similarly, a 55-year-old lady was injured falling from the bike when her son failed to locate the pothole at Hazaripahad road. She scummed injuries that later turned the reason of her death as well. When the FIR was tried to lodge in the Giittikhadan Police station, the police did not accept the same against the concrete cement road contractor. Amruta who has lost a man who was the sole beard earner in her family. She is struggling to meet her ends that made her file the case at the Bombay High Court, Nagpur Bench.

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