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Woman Range Forest Officer gets threat to withdraw case against IFS officer

The Kadegaon police have registered a non-cognizable (NCR) offense under Section 155 of CrPC against an unidentified person.

Nagpur: A case of sexual exploitation of a woman Range Forest Officer (RFO) by an IFS officer, who has been removed from the post of Sangli Deputy Conservator of Forests (DECF). On Sunday night, a new twist has come due to the threat of the victim by an unknown person.

woman range forest officer

The Kadegaon police have registered a non-cognizable (NCR) offense under Section 155 of CrPC against an unidentified person. According to NCR, an unidentified person had surrounded the range forest officer around 9.50 pm when she had come to her residential flat in Kadegaon to collect some material.

The man who covered his face threatened the range forest officer to withdraw his case against the IFS officer or else she and her husband, Those who work with the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra (FDCM) in Chandrapur will lose their jobs.

The same person has also warned of assault against the range forest officer. Along with this, this threat has been given before the Additional Sessions Judge in Sangli even before hearing the anticipatory bail petition of the accused. The petition will be heard on the date of May 17.

Obtained printout of the text messages by accused

The IFS officer had allegedly sexually assaulted the range forest officer in his room on April 28. In the same regard, an FIR has been registered on 6th May at Kupwad Police Station and the deputy conservator of forests has also obtained interim bail.

Meanwhile, the investigating officer and API Avinash Patil, instead of confiscating the mobile of the accused, have also confiscated the mobile phone of the complainant range forest officer. Sources have said that after the incident dated April 28, the IFS officer had reportedly called the victim to the office on April 30 to settle the matter, But he flatly refused.

Avinash Patil has stated that they have obtained the printout of the text messages by the accused. The seizure of the cell phone of either of these two may reveal what happened between them.

Rohan Bhate, Honorary Wildlife Warden of Satara has said that there seems to be a complete lethargy on the part of the administration. Although the charge of Deputy Guardian has been completely removed from the officer, his headquarters remains the same. IFS officials hailing from the Sangli district can influence the investigation.

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