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Woman returned from spain tested covid postive

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) on Monday shifted Khamla resident AIIMS to a special ward for Omicron suspects.

Nagpur: Just days after she returned from the at-risk country of Spain, a fully immunized 47-year-old woman tested positive for coronavirus in the city on Sunday.

woman returned

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) on Monday shifted Khamla resident AIIMS to a special ward for Omicron virus suspects.

She is the fourth foreign-returned corona positive flyer to be admitted to the special ward.

A 40-year-old unrelated man from West Africa tested positive for the Omicron virus in genome sequencing on Monday.

Civic officials have also said that the sample of the woman who returned from Spain will be sent to NIV Pune on Tuesday for genome study with the help of IGGMCH.

A woman who returned from Britain and her 9-year-old daughter are also admitted in AIIMS. The male and mother-daughter will be discharged if the RTPCR report comes negative on Tuesday.

30 Close Contacts of Woman

The resident of Khamla had come to Nagpur via Delhi, where she was asked to take the RTPCR test. Which came out negative on the date of 7th December.

The zonal medical team of Nagpur Municipal Corporation had asked him to go to home quarantine for 7 days as per the rules. Simultaneously, the team met him on the third day of his return and also took his swab for another RTPCR test on the 5th day. The civic authorities have said that they were found to be coronavirus positive on the date of 12 December.

They also said that the swab samples of 30 close contacts of this woman have been collected and results are expected by Tuesday.

Area officials of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation Laxmi Nagar, under whose jurisdiction the woman resides, have said that they are also tracking some Sharjah passengers. None of them has tested positive so far and sample collection is also going on on the 7th day.

They said that she had gone to Spain for a sporting event on the date of November 25 and also came in contact with several players who have tested positive there.

AIIMS officials have also said that he does not have any corona infection long ago and is asymptomatic.

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