Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena Bhattacharjee blames Rashami Desai for ‘utilizing’ her

Says, "You're not the Rashami I know"

Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena Bhattacharjee blames Rashami Desai for ‘utilizing’ her; says, “You’re not the Rashami I know”

Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena Bhattacharjee blames Rashami Desai for 'utilizing' her
Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena Bhattacharjee blames Rashami Desai for ‘utilizing’ her

Everything is not well between BFFs Rashami Desai and Devoleena Bhattacharjee for a couple of days. What’s more, the most recent WKV scene saw a monstrous battle between the two driving women on TV.
During the scene, the competitors were given the undertaking of separately naming that hopeful who destroyed the air of the house during the previous week. Rashami took Devoleena’s name, leaving her stunned totally. She further blamed the last option for not allowing her to interface with the individual VIP individuals as well.
Devoleena who couldn’t bear this blew a gasket and didn’t pass on any chance to call Rashami out on her choice. She further blamed her for being a phony character and utilizing her. “You’re not the Rashami I know,” she said. The Saath Nibhana Saathiya entertainer further expressed, “Tum mein issue hai isliye koi tumse baat nahi karta.”
The entertainer likewise referenced how everybody has been telling her that Rashami isn’t what she shows. in any case, she was a ‘fool’ to not have trusted them.

They attempted to give it back to one another, which transformed into a monstrous and ceaseless battle. Both the competitors didn’t pass on an opportunity to hammer one another and surprisingly caused Farah Khan to blow a gasket, for not paying attention to her.
During their conflict of words, Devoleena faulted Rashami for continually getting her inner self between. She added that the last option never shares what’s to her and attempts to know all that is happening in the other individual’s brain rather.
Devoleena additionally took Rashami’s name and one more battle broke out between them. The previous couldn’t hold herself back from scrutinizing the last’s reliability towards her and called her phony.
Later Farah Khan left, Devoleena separated in the changing room and communicated how harmed she is. “She was my companion for quite some time, she was misleading my face,” she said.
Another revolting verbal altercation occurred between the two wherein the two of them were seen calling names and blaming each other for violating each other. While Devoleena said, “You’re uncovered” and Rashami a ‘liar’, the last option called her a ‘shark’.

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