Yoga has Helped Angelium Kaur to Carve her Niche in Modeling World

Angelium Kaur Yoga Pose
Angelium Kaur

Angelium Kaur (Born on 23 September 1989) has remained a versatile personality in the glamour world. She is not just a certified Kundalini Yoga expert but also has been good in NLP. All these things have helped her to maintain a balanced personality and shape it smoothly to embark upon with the best of her career in the modeling world. Being brought up in the spiritual upbringing, she was quick to adopt herself wisely in her modeling career. Yoga has not only helped her to remain spiritual in her life but also given the discipline which is needed to become a successful professional in her life.

Hence when she entered the field of modeling, she was welcomed with open hearts and given enough space to prove herself in this competitive world. Yoga helped her to shape her inner and outer beauty so that she did not face any challenge in the modeling world and was even able to bag the title of Miss India 2018 winning hearts of many. Since then it was no looking back for her as she remained the part and parcel of many modeling assignments in her career. Her doors in the modeling world opened up and she was offered too many opportunities to rule the glamour world.

She got the chance to endorse many products working with top brands apart from carrying out photoshoots for many popular magazines like Femina, Fitflam, and Debonair to name a few. Her career in the field of modeling has been steady and smooth, all thanks to the professionalism she was able to showcase in her career. She is there to stay in this field for long and still calls this to be her early days as she is going to dominate this world with a long series of achievements.

Angelium Kaur
Angelium Kaur

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