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12 new cases were reported in Vidarbha, out of which 9 were from Nagpur

In all 11 districts, 12 new cases of covid have come out simultaneously. And 9 of them were from Nagpur district only.

Nagpur: The number of new coronavirus cases continued to rise in double digits after the festive season for the 5th consecutive day on Sunday in the region of Vidarbha.

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In all 11 districts, 12 new cases of covid have come out simultaneously. And 9 of them were from Nagpur district only. Bhandara district where no new covid case has come out in the last 7 days.

The recovery of covid has come down to 3 on Sunday. 1-1 covid patient from Yavatmal, Akola and Nagpur has been cured. As of now, there are 11,20,271 cases of covid in the Vidarbha region, and out of them, up to 10,98,743 patients have been cured. And the overall recovery rate of the area is 98 percent.

No person has died due to coronavirus in any district of this region on Sunday. And its toll has remained unchanged at 21,377. A total of 6,192 covid tests were conducted in the last 24 hours. With 12 of them testing positive, Vidarbha had a positivity rate of just under 0.20%. With more new covid cases and fewer patients recovering for the 5th day in a row, 107 covid patients are being treated in the region of Vidarbha.

Bhandara: 197 covid tests were done in the district on Sunday and out of the 2 patients came positive. This has ended the 0 coronavirus term of this district. 2 coronavirus patients treatment is still going on.

Gondia: After 3 weeks after reporting 1 new covid patient on Saturday, this district conducted 100 covid tests in the last 24 hours. And not a single positive test came out of them.

Gadchiroli: 750 tests of coronavirus were done in Gadchiroli And not a single one of them has been tested positive on Sunday.

Akola: In this district, 293 total tests have been done on Sunday. And everyone’s report has been negative. 1 patient from this district has been completely cured.

Buldhana: In the last 24 hours, no new covid case came to the fore in this district, nor did any patient become healthy. The number of patients under treatment in the district has remained unchanged at 7.

Washim: Amravati district division, the only district with 0 coronavirus tag, continued its status quo on Sunday as not a single new covid case was reported in Washim district.

Yavatmal: No one has died in the last 24 hours. Nor any new covid positive patient has been registered. At present 8 active covid positive patients are under treatment in the district. Out of 72,921 positive covid patients including day 1 on Sunday, 71,126 have been completely cured. And the administration also has up to 2,171 vacant beds for coronavirus patients in hospitals in the district.

Wardha: On Sunday 1 more COVID positive cases has been added to 49,417 COVID cases after 286 tests conducted. After not getting any new leave in the district, covid active positive cases have also increased and have increased to 7. The total recovery in the district remained unchanged at 48,080 and the district’s toll at 1,326 as no one died on Sunday.

Chandrapur: In this district, the score for detection of covid cases was 0, while the recovery of 1 lone district was recorded. In which about 17 active patients were still undergoing treatment on Sunday. No deaths were reported during the day. The caseload of the district has remained stable at 88,832. Which includes 1,543 deaths and 87,272 recoveries.

Amravati: No one died in the district on Sunday. No patient has recovered and no positive case has come to the fore in the district.

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