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6k less than city’s first dose coverage target

19.67 Lakh First covid doses had been completed in the city. Whereas about 12.44 lakh 18 population has been vaccinated.

Nagpur: Nearly 11 months after starting with just 5 centers and then struggling with dosage shortages during the second wave of coronavirus, City Nagpur is now gearing up to achieve the target of immunizing all its eligible population of around 19.73 lakh with the first covid dose any time either Tuesday or Wednesday.

dose coverage target

By noon on Monday, about 19.67 lakh first covid doses had been completed in the city. Whereas about 12.44 lakh 18 population has been fully vaccinated.

The state government had set the deadline for the month of November to give impetus to the campaign. But not a single district in the Vidarbha region has been able to achieve the target of completing the first covid dose.

Altogether there are still about 2.20 lakh illiterate eligible 18 beneficiaries in district Nagpur.

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) had a substantial share in the target of about 37.44 lakh eligible population of this district. Since the start of the covid epidemic, this city limit has also seen a high number of coronavirus cases and death rates.

The focus of Nagpur Municipal Corporation is now focused on completing the second dose of covid very quickly for the remaining 7.28 lakh people. Except for about 5 centers where Covaxin is available, most Nagpur Municipal Corporation centers offer covidshield supplements. And amid the shortage of vaccines, the government also revised the gap between two doses of covidshield from just 4 weeks to 84 days.

Citizens in NMC limits

Vaccination officials have said that since the centers are witnessing very poor footfall and there are many supplements available too, The gap between 2 doses of Covishield should be reduced to the risk of Omicron virus.

The convener of Vidarbha Hospital Association, whose name is Dr. Anup Marar He has stated that, although it is good to know that the first dose of vaccination is administered to every citizen within the limits of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation, But it also has a slight delay.

Among those partially vaccinated against covid, the group of 18 to 45 years is also part of the population. In the year 2021, on the date of January 16, this campaign was started with the health workers getting the first priority.

The target of Nagpur Rural was only about 17.70 lakhs, But so far it has been able to complete only the first dose of about 15.53 lakh covid, More than 2.16 lakhs are still untouched.

CEO of Zilla Parishad whose name is Yogesh Kumbhejkar. He has said that the migrant population could also be one of the reasons for the rural parts still not being able to meet the target. Some city centers and private organizations have also introduced covid vaccination for rural areas. Presumably, those numbers were not added to the Nagpur rural data at all. But still, we had almost 90% achievement record and people are still coming for the first dose of covid. Special camps are also going on.

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