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Nagpur Colleges Loses NU Summer Exam Forms with Pvt. Agency deleting data

The Nagpur University Exam will be in a fix as a couple of colleges based in Nagpur have lost the forms for the examinations which were given to some private agency to print. As they deleted the files by mistake, the colleges are now in a fix. The issue came to light when the Nagpur University exam section asked 503 affiliated colleges in the region to re-submit the hardcopy forms along with uploading the same through online formats.
Since it was a matter of urgency, the department issued verbal instructions to the clerks of the colleges. However, the panic was seen taking around in the department as they failed to reproduce it since the private agency called Promark Private Ltd who had printed the forms for the college has mysteriously lost the forms. It claimed that the data has been deleted unknowingly that has led to this issue. When they were inquired they claimed that the loss of data was done accidentally.
All the colleges based in Nagpur along with Wardha, Gondia and Bhandara districts would face the issue. This would further lead the delay in submitting the forms as they have lost the data. On the other side, the NU exam department will not be able to proceed for obvious reasons as they will not be able to allocate the hall tickets and put the number of exams the student is supposed to appear. This can lead to delays and a big mess, which the students would have to face.

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